How to Prepare for a Unique Backyard Christmas Dinner Party

If you live in a climate that experiences mild winters, you may be thinking about hosting a rustic backyard Christmas dinner party. This type of outdoor event can be an enchanting experience for all your guests, and it will certainly be fun to plan and prepare for. Use the following tips if you want to celebrate Christmas with an outdoor party this year.

White Elephant Again? Games Ideas For Christmas Gift Exchanges

Are you tired of the same old gift giving celebrations? Add some fun and excitement to your Christmas parties this holiday season with these creative gift exchange ideas for the home or office.

How To Survive Thanksgiving Tantrums and Torment With Your Crazy Family!

Thanksgiving – keeping therapists busy since 1621! But there is a way for you to be the eye of the storm of family based madness. Just follow these tips and you can enjoy calmly in your piece of golden crispy turkey. Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving at Grandma’s House

Back in the 1950s my brother and I loved going to Grandma and Grandpa’s house for Thanksgiving Day. When I was ten years old we took one of those memorable trips from Norfolk, Nebraska to Julesburg, Colorado where Grandma and Grandpa lived in a small white house just catty-corner from City Park. On Thanksgiving Day Grandma spent most of her time in the kitchen cooking up a wonderful meal.

DUI Expert Offers Ten Tips to Help You Avoid a DUI This Holiday Season

Holidays are on the way which in many cases, means an increase in the opportunities to consume alcohol. A DUI expert who consults with attorneys and law enforcement on impaired driving cases offers some tips to hopefully make you think twice before jumping behind the wheel after drinking alcohol.

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