Wheel of the Year – Midsummer

Some of us have grown up hearing the word “Midsummer” and may have wondered what it meant. Certain calendar’s mark “Midsummer’s Eve” as some time in mid-June, and of course there’s the Shakespearean play bearing its name, A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Midsummer is a celebration that has ancient roots, and is continued today mainly by those who practice pagan and wiccan spiritual paths. How do these modern pagans celebrate and understand the Midsummer holiday?

Wheel of the Year – Ostara

When spring approaches, even folks who enjoy winter time usually greet the first buds of flowers and first signs of warmth with a smile. People feel enlivened when the Earth begins its cycle of regeneration. The turn to spring is celebrated by those who practice the pagan and wiccan traditions on the holiday, or sabbat, known as Ostara. Let’s learn a little more about this time of year.

Artificial Christmas Trees Are Just As Good As The Real Ones

We all know how real Christmas trees create the traditional feel with their unique perfume and branches, but what about the benefits of an artificial tree? When you look at the negatives of a real Christmas tree they can indeed put you off altogether, by the way they lose their needles and are a whole lot of hassle to look after. Please read on to discover more about the advantages of artificial trees.

How to Throw a Green 4th of July Party

This Independence Day, make your patriotic salute an eco-friendly one! These 4 simple and fun tips will help you plan and throw a green 4th of July gathering that will mark the day, leave an impression on your guests, and reduce your ecological footprint!

Clown Costumes Are the Ultimate Way to Clown Around

Clowns are considered to be one of the characters in life that are either loved or hated. Nobody is quite clear why they affect people in such a severe manner.

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