Leave the Past Behind

It is always very tempting at the beginning of a new year to think that you can just ignore the past and start over. But life is not like the Christmas decorations that you can just put away and forget about for several months. There are things that need to be dealt with and resolved in order to move on with life in a healthy manner.

Post Holiday Credit and Budget Checklist

Now that the holidays are over, it is the perfect-time to review your household budget. This article will help you create a budget to pay back the holidays bills and figure out where you can trim expenses.

Dollhouse Decorating – A Christmas Tree Timeline

The Christmas Tree began life as a spiritual symbol, possibly when Martin Luther set up a table-top version in 1536. It did not begin to gain acceptance in the United States until 1852, when a lady’s magazine reprinted an etching of the Royal family’s tree at Windsor Castle, surrounded by gifts. The Christmas Tree’s transition to a commercial icon was complete in 1880 when New York merchants decided an annual gift giving holiday was a splendid idea.

Celebrating the Forgotten Saviour At Christmas

Waking up on Christmas morning, even as I approach my fifties, there is still the feeling of ‘birthday’ about it. Christmas is a special morning. But I was brought up in a secular home and Christ had nothing to do with Christmas. It was all about Santa or “Father Christmas.” Until I was old enough to work it out for myself, Father Christmas brought the gifts to our home, using a chimney (even though we didn’t have one!).

Christmas Magic

Is there no Santa Claus? Is he a fable?

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