What Can You Give An Elderly Person This Christmas?

It may be safe to say that the elderly people have seen most of what life has to offer. If there is an age group that may offer a challenging ‘gift’ task during Christmas it is the elderly group. So what do you get someone who has probably seen everything for Christmas?

Make a List, Check It Twice – Surviving the Holidays With a Bit of Cheer Leftover

My advice on dealing with those annoying holiday “to do” lists. By the end of the day those items are still there anyway, so you might as well concentrate on adding in a bit of holiday cheer!

The War On Christmas – Have A Happy Holiday!

Should we all have a “Merry Christmas” or will just having a “Happy Holiday” suffice? Do we really all need to receive supersaturation exposure to all things Christmas for weeks on end? What is the point of the over-the-top commercialism of a religious celebration that firstly doesn’t apply to everyone and secondly is just a figment of the Christian imagination anyway? Why do we lie to our children about Santa? Is it any wonder that there’s now a “War on Christmas”?

How to Survive the Dysfunctional, Anger, and Tension During the Holidays at Family Gatherings

We cannot choose our family but we can choose how we respond and deal with them. When your family gathers for the holiday’s, it doesn’t quite depict what you see on TV. From the arguing, yelling, fallouts, snide remarks, you name it, makes it difficult to be festive, let alone festive. So how does one handle their family members and keep their cool and sanity at the same time. I have 8 tips for you…

Deck the Halls and Fix the Walls – Company Is Coming!

It is time for food, family and presents… and overnight guests. Ugh! Are you feeling like your place needs a major overhaul before guests arrive? Try these mini makeovers and spruce ups all over the house. They are fast, cheap and easy ways to get the house relative ready.

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