My Adversarial Relationship With My Christmas Tree

Presenting the challenges that occurred when I had to buy a new Christmas tree after my previous one wore out and broke. In the two years I’ve owned it, it has brought some new challenge to me each time I’ve set it up.

Decorating Holiday Cookies

Included will be suggestions and recommendations regarding the materials used for decorating the cookies. There are some very important steps to keep the decorating sugars to adhere to the surface of the cookie.

Taking Stock This Season!

In this race track of a world we live in, it is indeed good to get some moments to look around, to reflect and take stock. The freedom and comforts of modern life that we so often take for granted, for the lack of knowledge of the struggles gone by at a time we did not live. The more and more we want, as human as we all are!

Have We Forgotten, The Reason for the Season

Today, I made the decision to venture out to the local mall, this was not an easy decision because I didn’t want to fight the traffic and I usually shop on-line for my gifts, but thought I should give some of my holiday cash to the local brick and mortar stores. Anyway, I found myself waiting in line to enter the mall parking garage, when a very rude person decided to cut in front of me, almost remove my front bumper and flip me the middle finger, all at the same time!!

Great Candle Scents for the Holidays

Many people get excited around the time of holidays and look forward to spending time with family and friends. In order to extend the experience, you may want to consider including scented candles, because it can help to make the season one that is even more appreciated. The sense of smell is perhaps one of the more powerful of the senses. If you include the right scented candles in your home, it will help to bring back memories and even put you in a frame of mind which will allow you to enjoy this time of the year to the full. Here are some of the more popular candle scents that are used during the holidays.

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