A Day for Romantics – Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is once more approaching. But where did the tradition of sending a card originate?

Valentine’s Day Scavenger Hunt

Celebrate Valentine’s Day this year with a customized Valentine’s Day scavenger hunt. Whether you are planning an extravagant celebration or a simple affair, give the one you love an evening they won’t forget clue by clue. The author discusses many gift ideas and creative approaches to hosting a Valentine’s Day scavenger hunt.

Chinese New Year Zodiacs

The Chinese New Years have a dedicated animal for each year. The Chinese Zodiac is based on these animals. It is known as Sheng Xiao in Chinese and is divided into a twelve year cycle. The animal signs which complete the Chinese Zodiac circle include rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, rooster, dog and pig in order. The calculation is done as per the Chinese Lunar calendar. Each animal has its own trait and the individual born in that animal’s year will have different traits. This Chinese New Year is the year of Snake and will start from 10th February, 2013 and will continue till January 30th, 2014. Here are some aspects of the different Chinese zodiacs.

My Fair Trade Valentine

Share your love this Valentine’s Day the fair trade way. It’s fun to spoil your Valentine with frivolities and even more fun to receive them, but gift giving should never come at the expense of workers’ rights or environmental well-being. Thankfully, there are a number of ways to show your sweetheart how much you care without compromising your ethical and environmental standards.

A Guide to Buying Mother’s Day Flowers

Choosing the perfect bunch of posies for your mum can seem like a nightmare situation for many sons and daughters out there – a minefield of colours, sizes, budgets, scents and sizes that just seem to daze and perplex us. Happily, here’s a simple guide to lead you through the floral maze and bring you out other side with the perfect Mothers Day flowers. Most importantly, remember the golden rule: find out your mum’s favourite flower and you’re on the road to success.

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