Replicas of Easter Eggs

Easter eggs are seen as irrevocable symbols of hope and new life. Today, replicas of the Imperial eggs that were made especially for royalty are available to anyone who wants to commemorate the joyful celebration of Easter. Exchanging gifts of decorated and bejeweled eggs is part of the Russian Orthodox faith.

Shortcuts for Holiday Party Cleanup

Planning on entertaining guests at your home for a holiday party? The best part of entertaining is spending time with family and friends, nibbling on tasty treats, and sipping eggnog. The worst part of entertaining? Cleaning up after it’s all over. The piles of dishes, glasses, and scraps of food left all over the place makes it seem like a small army fought a battle in your home. Take a deep breath and follow our tips to help you get your home back in order-as quickly as possible.

More Information About Easter Eggs

Easter eggs are regular chicken eggs that have been especially decorated using dyes of bright colors and done in traditional or contemporary design. The Easter season is a time of celebration and is associated with fertility and rebirth and the eggs have come to represent these ideas in many cultures around the world. For example, in Christianity, Easter eggs or Paschal eggs symbolize the stone tomb of Jesus, which was discovered to be empty after the Resurrection.

Funding a Frugal Holiday Season

Simple ways to save money at the holidays. Focusing on family rather than all the extras.

Earth Savvy Ways To Keep The Joy In And The Waste Out of Your Christmas Holiday Celebration

Keeping Christmas green lessens the negative impact on our environment and provides a positive example for those loving Christmas the most… children. Just a little bit of thought and consideration toward reducing waste, lowering your carbon footprint, and giving to those less fortunate, sets a good example for children and reduces the negative impact on our environment. Small easy earth savvy changes to your holiday routine keeps the joy in the celebration and the waste out of the holiday.

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