Cool Halloween Costume Ideas For Ladies and Gents

Way back into the 13th century BC, pirates emerged as a symbol of anarchy and rebellion as the sea people of the Mediterranean and the Aegean. Today this symbol makes a great fancy dress costume for those willing to go in fancy.

Ten Simple Ideas for Creating a Romantic Organic and Eco-Friendly Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is about the love shared between two people. It is not about buying expensive gifts or eating at an expensive restaurant. There are many other ways you can show your significant other how much you love them. Here a a few inspirations to get you started on simple, organic, eco-friendly, ways to show your love for your sweetheart and for Mother Earth.

Factors That Can Make Your Holiday In Jamaica Memorable

Jamaica is one of the most beautiful beach nations in the Caribbean. There are various aspects that can make your holiday in Jamaica a memorable one.

The Easter Lily

In 1777 an explorer named Carl Peter Thunberg discovered the Lillium longiflorum which is native to the Ryukyu islands but the plant that we now call the Easter Lily did not arrive in England until 1819. Until the 1940s North America imported the bulbs from these islands near Japan. Then the bombing of Pearl Harbour occurred and because the supply stopped, both bulbs and plants became very valuable.

Easter Fun for Everyone

Goodbye snow and cold, hello Spring! Thinking of ways to occupy the family during school breaks can be overwhelming. No need to worry when you try some of these fun filled, Easter themed activities that are perfect for the entire family!

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