Thanksgiving: A Time For Gratitude

Thanksgiving. The name gives us a hint. This is a season for gratitude, for giving thanks for those good things in our lives. What is gratitude?

Ten Thanksgiving Activities for Kids

The season of giving is also the season of fun. The day can be celebrated with activities that will excite children. Some activities are best observed to make the occasion much happier and entertaining.

Find The Spirit of Christmas That You Once Had

I find it difficult to really enjoy Christmas the way that I used to. Between the hectic chores of shopping for gifts, finishing work projects and meeting family obligations, it is getting increasingly difficult to sit back, relax and enjoy the season. Are there ways to create that special Christmas moment and rekindle the Christmas spirit that seems to be lacking in a lot of people’s lives nowadays? Yes there is! Here are just a few suggestions.

Different Perspectives of Christmas

The other day I bought a pop-up book of the Christmas story to share with my seven year old granddaughter.  She was so surprised when I mentioned that the stable must have been very smelly.  I guess she had never thought about the fact that this was the home (and bathroom) for the animals.

Confidence for the New Year

When you say that you have confidence in someone or something it generally means that you trust your expectations will be met. There are many, many different things in which we can be confident. For example, the sun will come up in the morning and set in the evening every day without fail. Telling lies over time will result in negative consequences for the future. Small children who are fed and cared for will grow. Genuine friends will support us.

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