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National Flag Day: 100 Year Celebration

Flag Day is a day for all Americans to celebrate by flying the “Stars and Stripes.” Learn the history of its establishment, proper care and use and fun ways for kids to participate in the celebration.

Christmas, the Joyful Mystery

Nothing quite matches the joys of Christmas, except the mysteries of Christmas. To the believers, the mysteries start with the Incarnation of God becoming baby, born of virgin, arriving poor on earth in swaddling clothes in a manger lighted only by a distant lone star the same God form whose fingertips had same God from whose fingertips had tumbled planets and comets and suns.

Of Easter Eggs

The older I get, the less current holidays mean to me… and the more those from years, even decades ago. I see the vivid Easter displays; (these days pharmacies seem to have the most and largest.) But these festive aisles and windows, the bags of candy, and, of course, the seasonal cuddlies do not speak to me. They merely mark the calendar as just another day. That was not always the case, but years and unrelenting death have so thinned the ranks of the significant players in these annual rites that the dead now significantly outnumber the living, of whom, graying, I am yet one. I do not mind giving up this present holiday; there is little enough to lose.But I would mind relinquishing my memories of Easter Days gone by, for there are my beloved ghosts, each and every one as vital in my mind’s eye as quick, not long defunct. And because these folks are even more precious to me now than then, I wish this Easter to remember them through the medium of eggs, colored eggs, hidden eggs, Easter eggs.

Easter and the Semi-Colon

A story about an Easter miracle. A story about hope. A story about God’s promise.

Easter Party Planning With Snow Cone Machine

While not too many people really have the same understanding of the significance of Easter, most will agree that it’s the perfect excuse to throw one heck of a backyard bash for everyone to enjoy. Children excitedly look forward to an Easter egg hunt and a bunch of other Easter-themed games. As for the older lot, well, gear up for some serious eating such as cookies, cakes, pies, barbecues, burgers, and others.

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