13 DOLLAR TREE hacks that beat AMAZON FAVORITES (save $200)!

The Simple Joy of Christmas

The trees in my yard are now bare save the evergreens. These too will soon be blanketed with snow. The leaves on the ground, all raked up in piles by the roadside curb, are waiting to be collected.

What Are the Different Types of Real Christmas Trees?

Real Christmas trees come in a number of different varieties. Each one is usually preferred by some for their coloring, their branches, their aroma, or how long they last. While you can make almost any type of tree look good, there are those that simply look better than others.

More Christmas LED Lighting Ideas for Every Homeowner

You can tell that Christmas is just around the corner when people start to decorate and set up Christmas trees. Houses, stores, and even buildings on every street are decorated with Christmas lights. Christmas is truly a fantastic time of the year.

Six Ways To Deal With Holiday Stress

Don’t let the high demands of the Christmas season let you down. These six tips will help you deal with holiday stress and give you a much-needed celebration!

Green Holiday Entertaining: A Consideration to Mother Earth

The holidays are a joyous time to gather with family and friends and to count blessings for what we have – the beauty of our earth and the gifts given to us through its natural resources. And so it should remain a beautiful world. With a few eco considerations holiday entertaining can be a joyous gathering of family and friends with a friendly eye toward Mother Earth.

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