15 BRILLIANT Dollar Tree Candle HACKS 🕯️ (gift ideas galore!)

How Work At Home Dads Can Earn Extra Cash for the Holidays

Holidays… the best times for families and friends to get together and exchange gifts, share heartfelt season’s greetings, and drink eggnog. Unfortunately though, this is also the time where household expenses can blow holes in a working man’s wallet and put credit cards on fire.

Holiday Organization – Tips to Get You Ready

Let’s face it; the holidays can be really stressful. But you can make your holiday season a bit more joyous with a little planning and on-time execution. Here are some tips for better holiday organization!

Christmas Eve Family Traditions

View common family Christmas eve traditions. These traditions have been passed down generation after generation.

Celebrating Christmas As an Introvert

The holidays are filled with highly social, family and friend charged activities. How does the introvert personality manage to celebrate the season without being overwhelmed and exhausted by the increased social obligations? Here are a few tips to help the introvert go with their personality flow instead of trying to merge with what feels unnatural to them. We all can fully enjoy the holiday season- but it is important to pay attention to our individual “wiring.”

5 Easy Homemade Gift Ideas To Make With Your Food Dehydrator

This holiday season or any time of year it is easy to make homemade gifts with your food dehydrator. Homemade treats show you invested time and thought into the gift being given. Make some personal treats for the hard to shop for people in your life. Be creative and let your food dehydrator to help you make personal and easy gifts for the special people in your life, for the holidays or any special occasion.

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