We like to judge other people’s inside from our outside.

We see their cute photos on Facebook, their pins on Pinterest, read their blogs, listen to their stories. And we make judgments. Usually we assume the other person’s life is cute, organized, uncomplicated and full of adventures. Their reality is beautiful. But when we look at ourselves we see our messy, dirty lives, listen to the voices inside our heads telling us we’re failures and we feel the weight of it all. Our reality is ugly.

So many times I’ve closed my laptop and felt like I’m letting myself and my family down. Photos of Eleanor’s birthday party would never be re-pinned, friend’s babies who are younger than Edward have reached milestones he hasn’t and I don’t have an adorable picture of Ryan and I to post. Basically, I’m a failure. Continue reading


Laugh for joy


It is relative peace. Only the toddler is awake and I expect the baby to sleep for a while longer. I can make lunch with minimal interruptions and enjoy the meal with my daughter.

Of course everything explodes a moment after I think this.

Three text messages arrive in quick succession.

Then smoke from the oven with the baking sweet potato fries set off the alarm right outside the baby’s room. Continue reading