Where I am from


‘Where are you from?’ has always been a tricky and difficult question for me. For most people, it’s pretty straight forward. They’re from the place they were born or where they spent their childhood. My family lived an unintentional transiency and it’s a pattern Ryan and I have yet to alter.

To date, I have lived in:

  • Four states
  • Two provinces
  • Three countries
  • Two continents
  • Eighteen residences

Where am I from? It’s kind of convoluted. Continue reading


Life: interrupted


I look out the window and realize: it’s here. What I have been waiting months for has finally arrived.


I rush to the window and throw it open. The tyranny of summer is ended and I can once again breath, really truly breath. It’s cool crispness soothes my soul and I savor it. Visions of sweaters, pumpkin chai tea and walks on crunchy leaves fill my consciousness. Continue reading


Menu planning 101


By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail

Oh Benjamin Franklin, you are a man after my own heart.

I like things to run smoothly. The more streamlined and efficient I can make my life, the better. I want to know what’s coming at me so I can prepare and respond in the best way possible.

I was the kid who set out her clothes the night before and I’m the adult who plans meals a month in advance. Continue reading


What being home means


Ever since I was 14-years-old I’ve wanted to live abroad. A life of adventure called and it didn’t matter that it would mean leaving my family behind.

So in 2009 when Ryan and I waved ‘goodbye’ to parents and siblings as we boarded a plane with one-way tickets to Hungary I couldn’t have been happier. Though I knew I would miss our families I was ready for something completely different. I never understood why or how someone could live in the same state or town their whole life. Having moved several times growing up I didn’t value the stability and comfort being stationary provides. I wanted new streets, new faces, new everything. Continue reading