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What and how I feed my kids

What I feed my kidsI’m not exactly a foodie but I do put a lot of thought and effort into what I eat. Making food from scratch is a hobby and I enjoy learning about how to get the greatest benefit from what I eat. When Eleanor turned six-months and showed interest in solid food, I poured my efforts into providing her with healthy, homemade meals. I pureed batches of fruits and vegetables in our tiny apartment kitchen and carefully introduced her to new flavors and textures. I’ve learned a lot about feeding children since those early days and though I am by no means perfect, I’ve found a way of providing our children with healthy, delicious meals while passing on positive attitudes about food. Continue reading


Why I cloth diaper

Cloth baby

Like most people born before 1990, I was a cloth diaper baby. My parents folded a rectangular cloth, safety pinned it as tight as they could and put a plastic cover over it all. Then they prayed it wouldn’t leak.

It’s 2013 and I am a cloth diaper mama. They’ve come a long way in a generation and let me tell you, I love them.

I knew I wanted to cloth diaper before I had kids. I saw them in action on my niece and immediately knew they were for me. However, I didn’t start Eleanor in them right away. We lived in Hungary when she was born and planed to move back to North America several months later so I didn’t want to deal with shipping them over and then hauling them back. And I seriously doubted our Soviet-era washing machine was up for the task. So I used disposables for the first five months. Shortly after returning state-side I bought 12 cloth diapers and never looked back. Continue reading

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Getting old

Getting OlderMy birthday was this week. And you know something? I love getting older. It’s not because I’m still a 20–something and therefore young — I am genuinely excited about what the passing of time means.

In my relatively few years I’ve done a bunch of cool stuff: grown from a baby to a child to an adult, traveled, gotten married, had two kids. I’ve also learned a lot: how to love, be a responsible grown-up, find joy. There have been plenty of hard times and seasons I would rather have not happened but they’re a part of who I am, too. It’s with each passing year that I become more of who I am. I know myself better and have the experiences that define me. I become more comfortable with myself and my strengths and weaknesses. I become the woman I was meant to be. Continue reading


Letter to My Empty-Nester Self


Hello Empty-Nester self,

I know, I know. I have it so good.

Eleanor is a super-fun toddler who is only occasionally snarky and is just blossoming every day. Edward loves (is there a stronger word than love?) for me to hold him. Those clear blue eyes meet mine and tell me I’m the only woman in the world to him.

I have time with our children. I get to spend all day tickling tummies, reading stories, giving kisses and being a hero. Continue reading