Creating Art

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I’m linking-up with Emily Freeman at Chatting at the Sky for her 31 Days of Living Art series. She’s a fantastic woman and writer – you should check her out. You will be blessed!

ImageMaking art is hard. Putting it out there for others to see is even harder. Emily’s words have encouraged me as I test the waters of writing and blogging. She reminds me that as God’s creation I am meant to make art and he is glorified as I work to form thoughts and sentences. Yes, my art isn’t as outstanding as other’s but that’s not the point. God’s grace is there in the process and I find him in it. I need to let myself loose and and boldly create. So I write and do my very best to be satisfied that I am pleasing my Creator, and maybe encouraging a few people as well.


One thought on “Creating Art

  1. I remember bumping up against the idea (although not overtly) that art wasn’t important a few times during university. Because what was I going to do with an English degree? (Ugh. SO impractical.) Well, first of all, I was going to learn to love and appreciate the crafting of sentences and stories. And second, OH how God is glorified through His creation! Because we’re messy and life is hard and that is totally reflected through our creations.

    So KEEP ON CREATING, friend. God loves when you write (and so do I).

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