Do something that scares you.


Handmade Cosmetics

Tomorrow I launch my line of handmade cosmetics, coincidentally branded Home & Grace. I have absolutely no idea if I’m going to make any money or if the people who do buy my products will like them. Basically, I am terrified. It’s hard to put myself out there in this way and have no guarantee it will be worth my time, money and energy.

But there’s beauty in the risk.

When we take risks we open ourselves to blessings we couldn’t experience otherwise. There is joy and grace waiting for us, we just have to reach out and get it. When we stay in our  safe, comfortable shells we cut ourselves off from experiencing these and other blessings and, in some cases, withhold them from others.

So I challenge you take a risk this week. Invite that acquaintance you want to get to know better out for coffee. Lovingly confront the person who’s hurt you. Volunteer at a homeless shelter. Do whatever it is that scares you. Even if it doesn’t turn out the way you hope, you will be better off for having tried. And I am proud of you for it.

If you’re interested in my ultra-special, crafted with love handmade cosmetics, send me an email at Or even better, if you happen to be in The Dalles, Oregon area tomorrow I’ll be at the St. Peter’s Holiday Bazaar at St. Mary’s School selling lotions, sugar scrubs, bath soaks and taking special orders. 


4 thoughts on “Do something that scares you.

  1. Looks good Erin, good for you. I hope that it goes well tomorrow. What kind of fruity smells do you have?

    • Thanks, Melinda! I have bergamot lotions and grapefruit lotion bars and cranberry chutney of both of those and body butter. And lemon sugar scrubs I tended more towards spicy scents since it is winter/Christmas but if I do this again later in the year I will have more fruity scents!

  2. I love that there area things in mason jars and cute little labels and something scented peppermint and all of this bravery that you have. Oh, and rest assured: my risk taking is about to be posted.

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