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Living life too fast


The one thing I didn’t like about university was the feeling that I always had something to do. Whenever I took a break, watched a movie, got bubble tea with a friend, in the back of my mind I knew I should be doing homework instead. And then finals came and it was go-go-go until the last exam was done. There was no time for anything else, including sleep.

The last month has felt like university, and most of it like finals week. I’ve made up countless batch of lotions, co-hosted Thanksgiving, prepared for Christmas, all on top of the daily grind of raising two small children and having a husband in school. Life is non-stop. And exhausting. Continue reading

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Wells for Bandanpally


As a mother of two young children and wife to a husband who is a full-time student and employee, I am busy. Most days I could use about an extra five (or 24) hours to get everything done. I make meals, change diapers, do puzzles, read, write and so many other things.

The women of Bandanpally, India are also busy. They make meals, take care of their children, collect water.

I don’t collect water. And because I don’t spend most of my day collecting water that I have the time to pursue the things that make my life rich. Three wells in Bandanpally would give women the chance to do more than survive; they could thrive. Continue reading