Wells for Bandanpally

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As a mother of two young children and wife to a husband who is a full-time student and employee, I am busy. Most days I could use about an extra five (or 24) hours to get everything done. I make meals, change diapers, do puzzles, read, write and so many other things.

The women of Bandanpally, India are also busy. They make meals, take care of their children, collect water.

I don’t collect water. And because I don’t spend most of my day collecting water that I have the time to pursue the things that make my life rich. Three wells in Bandanpally would give women the chance to do more than survive; they could thrive.

My dear friend Christie, of Christie Thinks, her husband and two friends are the founders of thisvillage, an organization on a mission ‘to alleviate poverty, one village at a time’. They are coming alongside Bandanpally as it works to improve the quality of life for its citizens. Their first project is to build three wells and YOU can help make it happen. Visit the thisvillage blog to find out what an awesome organization it is, then head over to Start Some Good to donate. The campaign ends on December 4th so don’t delay!


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