Living life too fast

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The one thing I didn’t like about university was the feeling that I always had something to do. Whenever I took a break, watched a movie, got bubble tea with a friend, in the back of my mind I knew I should be doing homework instead. And then finals came and it was go-go-go until the last exam was done. There was no time for anything else, including sleep.

The last month has felt like university, and most of it like finals week. I’ve made up countless batch of lotions, co-hosted Thanksgiving, prepared for Christmas, all on top of the daily grind of raising two small children and having a husband in school. Life is non-stop. And exhausting.

While everything I’ve done or am doing is good, I question if I spend my time in the best way. I know I am under the tyranny of the urgent but right now I don’t know how to get out from under it. I manage my time well (other than maybe watching too much Downton Abby) but there simply is not enough time in the day. In my life in general, I do a pretty good job of focusing on what is important to me and my family but I am coming to the conclusion that, for short seasons of life, the urgent can and should take precedent over the important. When something has to get done, when there’s a deadline to meet, there isn’t much do other than finish in time. So I push through, work hard, sideline the important.

But rest comes. And when it does, the important has to become the priority once again. When this is posted Ryan will be on a two-week break from work and school so I will have time — sweet, precious time. I will once again be able to focus on what is important. Shifting modes will probably be hard as I find it difficult to slow down after going from one thing to the next. But the practice of slowing down shows me the value of not taking on too much, of leaving space in my everyday life to breath.

Yes, at times life is impossibly busy and that’s okay. So when life slows down, even just a little bit, it’s time to refocus, to weigh my priorities, to get back to what is important. Because, hey, let’s face it, another busy time is always right around the corner.


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