In defense of a clean home

In defense of a clean home

I have a confession to make, and I feel it’s controversial:

I keep my house clean and I find housework satisfying.

I’m not OCD or neurotic and I don’t intend to single-handedly undo feminism — I just really enjoy and value a clean living space and I make it a priority. With a little bit of extra effort I’m able to maintain a working level of cleanliness in my home that allows my daily life to flow a bit more smoothly and with a lot less stress. Continue reading


DIY natural cleaning products

DIY natural cleaning products.jpg

I proudly stood over my kitchen floor. It was clean — the strong armed man on the bottle label assured me it was.

Then something happened that changed my life: my newly-mobile daughter crawled past me, put her hand on the still-damp floor and put it straight into her mouth. She ate chemicals, chemicals I had just put within her reach. I had child locks on the cabinets that stored toxic cleaners but this was putting those very same toxins right at her level and in her body.

I had recently bought a DIY natural cleaning book but it had just sat on my shelf. Now I had the motivation I needed to get the dangerous chemicals out of my home and replace them with natural cleaners I could make myself with a few simple ingredients all while saving money. Continue reading


The importance of protecting your time

protecting time

I sat down on the couch to write this post and just as soon as I started a little girl baking cookies in the kitchen with her grandma wanted to show me something. I set the computer down and went to admire her ‘red cookie’, sugar cookie dough saturated with red sugar crystals. On my way back to the computer I saw a birthday card I needed to finish addressing, so I did. I finally sat back down and the the US Men’s hockey team scored against Slovakia and I stopped to watch. Maybe I should check Facebook. And email. Pinterest?

Okay, Erin – focus. You’re supposed to be writing about using your time well! Continue reading


More with Less: The 4 purposes of money (and one non-purpose)

purposes of money

Welcome to the second post in the series ‘More with Less’! This is a bonus installment as this series will usually run on the first Friday of the month. But I am so excited to get it going I want to lay some more foundation before we jump into the practical aspects of living more with less. If you missed last week’s post ‘More with Less: My journey with money’ I suggest you read it first before diving into today’s post.

For most of my life I thought money was meant to buy me stuff and allow me to have fun. Yes, it was also meant to pay mortgages and buy toilet paper but those were definitely secondary. Oh man, was I wrong! When God made it clear that I needed to become frugal and recognize my dependency on him the biggest change hasn’t come in my spending habits, though the change there was pretty drastic. The biggest change is how I think about money. It is no longer the ticket to fulfilling my wants and desires; it is a tool used to enable me to live the life God calls me to, one of abundance with fewer possessions. I’ve slowly come to understand the purposes of money and as I do I found the freedom and joy I didn’t experienced when I used money only to please myself. Continue reading


More with Less: My journey with money


Welcome to the series ‘More with Less’. On the first Friday of every month I’m going to share a simple, effective way I’ve found to save money and live a meaningful life with fewer possessions. It will range from recipes and DIYs on making things you would normally buy to cultivating contentment (but no coupons – I don’t do coupons). But before I begin sharing about the practical aspects of how to live more with less, I’d like to share my journey with money and how I came to my views on frugality, money management and finding joy with fewer belongings. Continue reading