Today I’m joining Lisa-Jo Baker’sFive Minute Friday where she provides a prompt and we write for five minutes, no editing, just writing. Fun! Today’s prompt: mighty.

Mighty is exciting. I see it’s force in my life and mountains are moved.

Mighty is everyday. I am able to choose joy in the midst of my daily grind and my heart is renewed. Continue reading


When what you need isn’t a break

When what you need isn't a break

I was done. It had been a harrowing week as the mother of two small children and I needed a break.

A guest was coming over for lunch on Saturday and we needed to have an uninterrupted, adult conversation so the kids were going to my parents for a few hours. But on Friday I asked my mom if they could stay the night. She said ‘Of course!’ Continue reading


More with Less: Give your money away

Give your money away

Welcome to ‘More with Less’, a series about living an abundant life with fewer possessions. This series normally runs on the first Friday of the month but life threw me a curve last week and it’s a bit late. I hope you enjoy today’s installment and I look forward to hearing your thoughts in the comment section!

The biggest asset in my family’s money management arsenal might surprise you.

It’s not being thrifty, going without or wise investments.

It’s giving money away. Continue reading


How to recover when life throws you a curve

When life throws you a curve

For a week my life was dominated by two phrases:

Extreme winter weather warning and bronchiolitis and pneumonia.

The former turned what was supposed to be a day in Portland into a 2½ day stay because of freezing rain and snow on the route home. The latter saw my son sick and in the doctor’s office one day and then in the hospital for the next two (he’s much better now). In the two days in between these events I reached my low as a mother and my productivity was nil the entire week. Continue reading