Solo parenting survival skills

Solo parenting survival skills

Parenting is a hard job, even when there are two involved and active parents. But because life is, well, life there aren’t always two parents around. Whether a parent is gone for a multi-week work trip or a long weekend with friends, we all get landed alone with the kiddos at one time or another.

As I write this I’m halfway through three weeks of solo parenting. Ryan’s in Victoria, BC for his final classes and while I’m super excited for him to finish the academic portion of his program and to spend time with his fellow students, I’m still at home keeping two small creatures alive and relatively happy. Without daddy. Without the support of my husband.

This is my third extended stint of solo parenting, my first was for a month when Eleanor was 7 months old and then again last year for three weeks when Eleanor was 2½ and Edward was 6 months. While I am by no means an expert on caring for kids on my own, I have learned a thing or two that have helped keep me relatively sane and the kids alive long enough for daddy to come home. Continue reading


Why I haven’t washed my hair with shampoo in 2 1/2 years

No poo

Way back in early 2012 my friend told me she was using the ‘no poo’ method to wash her hair, which replaces shampoo with baking soda and water and conditioner with apple cider vinegar (ACV) and water.

I was hooked and planned to try it right away. Feeling pretty comfortable with making my own cleaning solutions and a mostly homemade, whole food kitchen routine I was ready to take my crunchy journey to the next level.

Cutting out shampoo and conditioner seemed like a good place to start detoxifying my personal care routine. Continue reading

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6 Way to Promote Healthy Gut Bacteria in Pregnancy and Newborns — Guest post at Red + Honey

Gut health and pregnancy

Today I’m posting at Red + Honey. Read the teaser here and click over to read the rest. While you’re there, stay a while! It’s one of my favorite blogs and I am constantly blessed by it.

When your baby is conceived she has a totally unique genetic make up, a mashup of you and your husband’s DNA.

You can’t control whose eye color she will have, if she’ll be high-strung like you or relaxed like your husband, or, God forbid, she gets your father-in-law’s sense of humor.

There is one thing your precious baby receives from you, as mom, from conception that you can control: her gut bacteria.

Super exciting, huh?

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The two things I want for Mother’s Day

The two things I want for Mother's Day

On Thursday two posts about Mother’s Day scrolled across my Facebook newsfeed. While they’re about the same holiday and both intend to celebrate mothers, they came at it from very different perspectives.

And they both totally resonated with me.

The first was a video on HuffPost Parents (watch it before you continue reading):

What Mom’s Really Want for Mother’s Day

I’m don’t typically laugh out loud, but oh man, I was hysterical. I think I said, ‘It’s SO true! It’s SO true!’ through at least half of it. Continue reading


More with Less: Own Less Stuff

Own Less Stuff.jpg

Welcome to the series More with Less where we look at various ways we can live a more abundant life with fewer possessions. I hope this series helps you to rethink how you view your money and possessions. You can read the intro My Journey with Money and previous installments: The Four Purposes of MoneyGive Your Money Away, and Cultivate Contentment.

In the six years since we got married, Ryan and I have packed our lives and possessions into two carry-ons and two checked bags each and moved on a plane to a new country three times. We’ve done it with one kid and we’ve done it with two. And with another international move somewhere on the horizon I’m starting to cast a sideways glance at everything we own. Continue reading