The two things I want for Mother’s Day


The two things I want for Mother's Day

On Thursday two posts about Mother’s Day scrolled across my Facebook newsfeed. While they’re about the same holiday and both intend to celebrate mothers, they came at it from very different perspectives.

And they both totally resonated with me.

The first was a video on HuffPost Parents (watch it before you continue reading):

What Mom’s Really Want for Mother’s Day

I’m don’t typically laugh out loud, but oh man, I was hysterical. I think I said, ‘It’s SO true! It’s SO true!’ through at least half of it.

For Mother’s Day, I want what the moms in that video want: I want my wants to take precedence for one. single. day.

I want to do what I want to do, to not be screamed at, to be listened to, to not re-do everything I’ve already done.

But that’s not how motherhood works. And, no matter what our fantasies are, Mother’s Day is not waking up to breakfast in bed and a clean kitchen, peaceful children and a doting husband.

You’re still mom, and that means the responsibility still falls on you to make sure everyone is clean, fed and happy, even on the day devoted to honoring you.

And in that way motherhood kinda sucks, at least when you look at it how it’s presented in the video.

Enter the second post on my newsfeed:

Lisa-Jo Barker’s How to not be disappointed this Mother’s Day.

This was the kick in the pants I needed. Motherhood is never about me, not even on Mother’s Day. It’s always about my kids, it’s always about becoming more like Christ.

I love how she contrasts motherhood and entitlement.

Entitlement believes that we know best, deserve the best, and resents the rest who don’t deliver.

Entitlement takes the sacrifice of motherhood and spins it in dizzying, disorienting circles.

Motherhood bends. Entitlement demands.

Motherhood serves. Entitlement stomps its foot.

Motherhood delights. Entitlement keeps lists.

Motherhood laughs. Entitlement whines.

Motherhood celebrates. Entitlement sulks.

For Mother’s Day, I want to experience true motherhood and put aside entitlement.

Today I will change diapers, load the dishwasher, sooth tantrums — just like any other day. But my prayer is that on this day celebrating my beautiful and special role in the lives of two small human beings I will forget myself in favor of my children and love and serve them with a whole and thankful heart.

Mother's Day


3 thoughts on “The two things I want for Mother’s Day

  1. Wonderful points here. I especially like “Motherhood is never about me, even on Mother’s Day.”
    Happy Mother’s Day to you!

  2. Such a great reminder, even for those of us who are not parents. Because no matter what day of the year it is, we are each still responsible to love and serve the people we’re closest to.

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