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When someone else’s life looks better than yours

When someone else's life looks better than yours

Earlier this week I ran into a friend I’ve known since high school in the grocery store.

We briefly updated each other on the happenings of our lives, mostly the adorable and annoying things our kids have done lately, and I told her about developments in my family’s plan to move abroad again soon.

She laughed and said, ‘I live vicariously through your adventures!’

My friend lives in her hometown and is married to a man from her hometown, they own a home, have great jobs, a beautiful daughter and are surrounded by family.

Her response made me smile.

‘I live vicariously through your stability!’ Continue reading

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Setting weekly Goals – Guest post at Red + Honey

Setting Weekly Goals

Today I’m posting at Red + Honey. Read the teaser here and click over to read the rest. While you’re there, stay a while! It’s one of my favorite blogs and I am constantly blessed by it.

We’re half-way through 2014 (I can’t get my head around it, either) so it’s a good time to evaluate how you’re doing on the goals you set back at the beginning of the year.

Didn’t set goals?

Me neither.

I’ve never been a goal-setter. It’s just always seemed kind of corny to me so whenever I was forced to set goals I usually picked something I knew I could easily achieve.

But back in December when everyone on the internet was talking about setting goals for the New Year (‘resolutions’ are cliché) for the first time I started to think goal setting actually had some value. I read enough blog posts and statistics to convince me I really should set goals for 2014.

I was gung-ho and had my printables ready to fill out, breaking down my goals into action steps and such.

Then about five minutes later I realized this was ridiculous. Click here to read the rest!


Fear, faith and money

Fear faith and money

“Am I acting in faith or in fear?”

I often ask myself this question when faced with a tough decision or feel unrest about my circumstances. By God’s grace my life is defined more and more by faith but fear still has some very secure strongholds in my life and over the past couple of weeks I’ve seen just how much fear I have about money.

Ryan has finished the academic portion of his MA, leaving only his internship to be completed. I figured we’d have something lined up by now and we would soon be on our way somewhere exciting. That’s not the case. Because we’ve put every penny into paying tuition we aren’t in a position to pay for an internship, like some other students, and we can’t live off our non-existant savings while we do it. We’ve spent the last year looking for a paid internship but we now recognize that’s not going to happen; they simply don’t exist. Continue reading