Setting weekly Goals – Guest post at Red + Honey

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Setting Weekly Goals

Today I’m posting at Red + Honey. Read the teaser here and click over to read the rest. While you’re there, stay a while! It’s one of my favorite blogs and I am constantly blessed by it.

We’re half-way through 2014 (I can’t get my head around it, either) so it’s a good time to evaluate how you’re doing on the goals you set back at the beginning of the year.

Didn’t set goals?

Me neither.

I’ve never been a goal-setter. It’s just always seemed kind of corny to me so whenever I was forced to set goals I usually picked something I knew I could easily achieve.

But back in December when everyone on the internet was talking about setting goals for the New Year (‘resolutions’ are cliché) for the first time I started to think goal setting actually had some value. I read enough blog posts and statistics to convince me I really should set goals for 2014.

I was gung-ho and had my printables ready to fill out, breaking down my goals into action steps and such.

Then about five minutes later I realized this was ridiculous. Click here to read the rest!

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