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Where Else I’ve Written

Where Else I've Written

While I’ve been quiet here, I have been writing for the past two years. So to get you caught up I’m sharing what I’ve written all in one place.

I’ve missed writing more often so I am so thankful for the opportunity to share other places while I waited for the right time to come back to my own blog.

Here it all is!

Okay, BIG thing first! I was published in a book. I wrote Edmund’s crazy birth journey for Knocked Up Abroad Again and it’s such a thrill to be a part of this collection. To read the story you have to buy the book (it’s available on Amazon). I would love it if you did.

Earlier this week I got to share at my long-time friend Jessica’s blog, The Pineapple Philosophy. She has great insight, ideas and encouragement for meaningful entertainment and connecting with others. You really need to check her out – you’ll be blessed, just like I’ve been.

Simplify! | Why Less is Always Brings More

I’ve been busy over at Red+Honey, which I’ve been contributing to for over THREE YEARS! I can’t believe it. It’s kept my foot in the writing door, otherwise I would have completely given up on ever writing for myself again. And for that I’m thankful. Plus I’ve connected with some pretty amazing women through it. That’s the best part of writing.

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What Minimalism Means to Me


I was a very unwilling convert to minimalism.

It wasn’t trendy to be minimalist when I began my journey and blogs were just starting to talk about it. The KonMari method was years away from reaching American shores. Tiny houses weren’t a thing.

So I learned minimalism on my own and in a rather unconventional sort of way. And only because I had to.

My husband, Ryan, and I moved to Hungary in 2009 and because it would have been outrageously expensive to ship boxes, we only brought what we could fit in two fifty pound suitcases and two carry-ons each. Continue reading


The Past Two Years

“Oh, Lord, please let this next season be an easy one. We’ve been through so much and we just need a rest, we just need to get our heads above water. Jesus, please, let whatever is next for us be a breath of fresh air”

I prayed these words every day for five weeks as I sat in the NICU and held my impossibly tiny, naked newborn on my bare chest and waited for him to grow.

I never considered that our long hospital stay was, in fact, our breath of fresh air.

— — —

Five days before Edmund was born I boarded an international flight from Skopje, Macedonia to Portland, Oregon. I was 30 weeks pregnant, bleeding, and I knew our baby was coming soon but he couldn’t come in Macedonia — no hospital in the country was equipped to care for a baby that premature. So we booked tickets back to Oregon and an unknown future. As soon as I deboarded the plane I was rushed to the closest hospital and Ryan woke up to a Skype call telling him he needed to change his plane ticket and get to Oregon now.

Edmund was born perfectly healthy, with his dad by my side, and we basked in the joy of our new baby, at least as much as parents of a baby who was born too early can. But uncertainty piled on uncertainty. How long will Edmund be in the hospital? Will he have long-term complications? What home will we go to once he’s released? Where are we going to live? Where will Ryan work? Will we go back overseas? What is life going to look like now?

Continue reading