Where Else I’ve Written

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Where Else I've Written

While I’ve been quiet here, I have been writing for the past two years. So to get you caught up I’m sharing what I’ve written all in one place.

I’ve missed writing more often so I am so thankful for the opportunity to share other places while I waited for the right time to come back to my own blog.

Here it all is!

Okay, BIG thing first! I was published in a book. I wrote Edmund’s crazy birth journey for Knocked Up Abroad Again and it’s such a thrill to be a part of this collection. To read the story you have to buy the book (it’s available on Amazon). I would love it if you did.

Earlier this week I got to share at my long-time friend Jessica’s blog, The Pineapple Philosophy. She has great insight, ideas and encouragement for meaningful entertainment and connecting with others. You really need to check her out – you’ll be blessed, just like I’ve been.

Simplify! | Why Less is Always Brings More

I’ve been busy over at Red+Honey, which I’ve been contributing to for over THREE YEARS! I can’t believe it. It’s kept my foot in the writing door, otherwise I would have completely given up on ever writing for myself again. And for that I’m thankful. Plus I’ve connected with some pretty amazing women through it. That’s the best part of writing.

Honey-Sweetened Almond Poppy Seed Yogurt

7 Ways to Prepare for  a Successful VBAC

How To Keep Your Home Clean (Even With Kids Around!) Part 1

How To Keep Your Home Clean (Even With Kids Around!) Part 2

7 Ways to Naturally Increase Breast Milk Supply

The Reverse To-Do List: Evaluate Your Time and Focus on What Matters

Blueberry Spinach Muffins (my kids LOVE these!)

DIY Cloth Baby Wipes

DIY Hydrating Electrolyte Drink

One Small Tweak for Simplified Freezer Cooking

Curry Lentil Shepherd’s Pie

How Our Family of Five Lives in 800-Square Feet and Loves It (I LOVE this one and I am so proud of it)

7 Great Reasons to Hand Dry Your Laundry All Year

Capsule Wardrobe: What It Is, Why You’ll Love It and How to Get One

Oatmeal Banana Pancakes (Freezer Friendly)

DIY Clay Toothpaste: New and Improved Version!

7 Creative Ways a Timer Can Make Home Life a Little Easier

The Importance of Non-Holiday Traditions in Our Family

10 Must-Haves in My Natural Travel Medicine Kit

Why International Travel with Kids is Worth It  (And How We Keep it Simple) (another favorite!)

How Our Kids Make Our Home More Hospitable and 5 Ways They Help Out

No-Sew DIY Light Blocking Curtains (For Better Quality Sleep)

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