21 WEIRD but *GENIUS* Dollar Tree Home Hacks 🤯 (for your bathroom!)

DIY Christmas Gifts – Why Are They The Better Choice?

It’s still November, but we are already talking about Christmas! It’s one of the most favoured holidays for lots of people, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that we begin our holiday preparation early. Despite this fact, most of us tend buy presents in the last minute and if you wish to avoid rushing through stores on Christmas Eve, you better choose your gifts two or three weeks in advance.

How to Keep Your Family From Ruining Christmas

Ideally, holiday memories are of warm, family gatherings where what’s special is the feeling of togetherness and belonging. But in many families, that’s not the case. Do you dread or have mixed feelings about your time with family during the holiday season? Here are three strategies you can use to get through stressful holiday family gatherings…

Planning for the Holidays: What’s Really Important?

The winter season is full of holidays to plan for and most American families celebrate at least one or two of them. There’s Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, and New Years to think about in November, December, and January. But have you thought about what’s really important throughout the holidays?

10 Last-Minute Gift Ideas

The holiday season is here! There’s no better way to express love and gratitude than with a gift. These 10 engravable gift ideas are perfect and will impress even the most selective person to buy a gift for. In many cultures around the world the social value of giving is recognized and in some aboriginal cultures gifting is an elaborate and complex ritual in which entire village is engaged.

How To Profit From Holiday Gifts You Do Not Like and Cannot Return

Yea, it happens to us all sooner or later. We get those annoying and always thoughtless holiday gifts like a year’s subscription to the Meat Of The Month Club or the $1 Wine Sampler Society. I probably can’t help you out with those, but if you got stuck with a seemingly outdated laptop instead of that tablet you wanted or a box of perfume imported from Lapland and made from reindeer sweat instead of a bottle of the much desired No. 5 and have no way of returning these treasures, I have a suggestion or two.

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