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Christmas – A Time For Reflection

With only days to go before the much hyped Christmas Day, if you are like most people you are in the mad rush and frantic search for the perfect gift for those close to you, and worrying about what to eat and cook for the main meal of the day. This is time when billions of dollars are flushed through the store registers and thousands of additional calories are consumed through our mouths, but it is not like this for all people out there.

Our Christmas Tree Becomes a Festive Nightmare

The holidays are a time for family traditions gift giving and, of course, picking out the perfect Christmas tree. But this year, our perfect tree hid a disgusting secret, which has thus far made the season memorable for the wrong reasons.

5 Tips to Keep Kids Safe From Sexual Abuse During the Holidays

As a young girl, I used to dread the annual proverbial gift exchange at Grandma’s house during the holidays. Why? Because it meant that Uncle Ray was there to greet me with the uncomfortable hug, wet slobbery kisses, traveling hands to my chest and buttocks area, and awkwardly long glances from him as ‘a salivating wolf’ ready to pounce on his prey. It didn’t matter to my divorced Mom, as she probably wasn’t even aware; this was the time she could reconnect with her family, go shopping with her sisters & dump us kids off with cousins we pretended to like; we were there to celebrate Christmas!!!

Tips on Decorating Your Home With Fine Art Products in Time for Christmas

To help you create a unique holiday experience, the following are some ideas for incorporating historic Christmas decorative motifs into your decoration scheme. Mantels, alcoves and other surfaces can showcase fine art that you’ve collected and be interspersed with vintage cards, ornaments, toys, or figurines. To enliven your fine art, consider draping it with mistletoe or holly and perhaps interweaving love notes to your beloved or loved ones.

Unexpectedly Unique Items to Be Found While Browsing the Internet to Decorate for the Holidays

Holidays are special, and we all want to decorate our homes to get into the spirit of the season, and for our friends and family, to feel welcome when they visit. The many ideas we have for decorating our homes may not be what we are able to get at our local store; so, we have to go to our most reliable source, which is the internet.

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