Top Five Holiday Destinations for Families

If it’s that time of the year when you need to take break from your work and go on holidays then you should make some preparations. However before you start choosing the airline or to go shopping for holiday wear, you should determine the holiday destination for yourself. There are several holiday spots around the world and to settle for one can be a little difficult especially for those who like to explore new places.

Holidays and Festivals in Kenya

Holidays and festivals in Kenya reveal the intricate history and diverse cultures of the people. In truth, Kenyans love their holidays, they even created one to celebrate the US President Obama’s win during the 2007 elections! Calendar of national holidays and festivals New Year’s Day – 1st January – Marks the start of New Year Good Friday and Easter Monday – The Friday or Monday before and after Easter, depending on the date of Easter – Mark Easter celebrations, a Christian holiday Labor Day – 1st May – International workers’ day Madaraka Day…

Pesach (Passover) – A Celebration of Freedom, History, Tradition and Family Continuity

The Pesach (Passover) holiday is a celebration of human freedom, spirit, and family values. The ritual Seder service reflects on the history and miracles involved in the Exodus of the Jewish people from their enslavement in Egypt. The festive meal provides an ideal opportunity for gathered family members and friends to share their views on the very human rights and ideals everyone seeks.

Observed Holidays in France

France alludes to the principles of lacite or secularism and has strived to cultivate the ideal of a church separated from the State. Nevertheless, the people and the school holidays in the country follow in the contents of the Catholic Church’s calendar.

3 Must-Try Labor Day Weekend Barbecue Specials

Labor Day season is here and there’s finally some time to relax. Why not take out your grill and host a barbecue in your backyard?

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