7 miracle cleaning secrets hidden in plain sight! 😱

3 Ways to Stick to Your Holiday Budget

What can ruin the holidays faster than your Aunt Hateseveryone? Looming credit card debt from overspending! Learn 3 ways to stick to your holiday budget this year.

Christmas Nostalgia And Easy Christmas Craft For Kids Making Personalized Decorations

I love Christmas and making my own tree decorations is easy and fun with my kids. You don’t need to have children to make these though you can do this to make your own gorgeous decorations unique to you, great as gifts too.

Cornucopia of Thanks

Thanksgiving is the last Thursday of November. It is a time for families to come together, give thanks for their good fortune, and enjoy home cooked treats all day. The tradition of Thanksgiving started with the Pilgrims and Native Americans in 1621, this was the day of harvest before the frost took the crops. In modern times, however, there have been many changes to the menu and the idea of “family”.

Ten Gift Ideas for the Gardeners in Your Life

It’s that time of year again. Looking for a perfect gift for the gardener on your Christmas shopping list? Here are ten ideas to consider.

Is It Safe to Use Gas Products While Camping?

Many recreational campers change from electrical heaters to gas heaters because it saves them money, it is easy to set up and it is very safe to use while camping. Along with camping gear, tents, sleeping bags and overnight goodies there are the disposable gas starters and the refillable gas cylinders available to avid campers. But let’s focus on whether gas products are safe to use while camping. With proper care and maintenance while camping on several terrains, this is possible.

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