7 SECRET HIGH-END CLEANING DUPES ๐Ÿคซ๐Ÿ™Œ (companies don’t want you to know!)

Don’t Forget To Remember

Often I hear people complain about not being able to remember the way that they expect they should. They seem frustrated, embarrassed and angry about the fact that they forget the things that they think should be automatic or simple to hold onto. For example, walking from one room to another in order to get something and then arriving there only to realize that they cannot remember what they were getting. Or, for the first time, forgetting the birthday of a loved one. Or not being able to remember their own telephone number, middle name or address.

Sons Of Anarchy Halloween Costume

If you love the Sons of Anarchy and are going out this Halloween then you should dress up as one of the characters, it’s so easy and can be done for free. It works no matter what age you are, what sex or what body shape as there are so many characters to choose from, it’s an excellent couples costume idea too and if you have a couple of bucks and a baby then invest in a SOA onsie and have a full family of super cool bikers!

Halloween Costumes for Little Kids: Easy and Economical

Deciding what your preschool and school-age kids will be for Halloween doesn’t have to be stressful or expensive. There’s a really simple solution to let them be creative without breaking the bank.

Halloween Makeup Pros And Cons

Halloween makeup is a great way to enhance creatively your child’s costume. It definitely has benefits over the vision obstruction caused by a mask. But, there are pros and cons to using makeup on your child’s skin.

4 Most Common Christmas Decorating Mistakes You Should Avoid

When decorating for the holidays, people usually commit these mistakes. Read this article and know which common mishaps you should avoid when decorating your home for Christmas.

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