The Curious Tale of the Easter Bunny and The Goddess of the Dawn

What parent doesn’t dread the inevitable question about how the Easter Bunny came to be? After all, a male rabbit that lays eggs IS a bit difficult to explain! But there’s a perfectly good explanation, grounded in mythology… a goddess made him so! Here’s the story of how the Easter Bunny came to be.

Party Rentals For Easter Holiday

Obstacle Courses – If you are planning to have party rentals for Easter, then you definitely need to have obstacle courses in your event. The obstacle courses will add tons of fun to your event as kids and adults will get to enjoy themselves and play. The course is a two person racing obstacle course that ends with a slide. It is great for building healthy competition among kids so that kids can learn that rivalry does not always have to be bitter.

Tips for Hosting the Ultimate Town Festival

When you’re planning a large event such as a town festival or company picnic and it needs to be an exciting, fun, and entertaining experience for guests and visitors of all ages, then you should take advantage of a professional party rental company. Party rental companies have everything you’ll need to host a spectacular event as large as a town festival with ease. This includes Inflatable play structures such as moonwalks and bounce houses, mechanical rides, water slides, carnival games, entertainers, concessions, full catering, outdoor movies, and even pony rides and petting zoos!

How To Spice Up Your Memorial Day Celebration

Everybody loves water slides but kids probably love them more. Sliding down the slide in the warm sun is something that most kids can look forward to on Memorial Day. They get to scream in delight and experience a small rush of adrenaline in their little bodies. The kids get to play with water and they can splash it around.

Make Your Graduation Party One To Remember

Graduation day is one of those special days in your life that’s going to stay with you forever. If you want to make sure this event is going to be loved and appreciated by everyone, you just have to put all of your energy into planning it. All your friends and family will be there, cheering, laughing and having a great time, so you just have to do your best to keep them entertained.

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