A Day in The Life

I always love hearing or reading about other mom’s everyday lives. I usually learn something, am convinced to incorporate something new into our family life and I am always encouraged. I’ve wanted to do a post about what a ‘typical’ day looks like in my life for a while and I realized I am quickly running out of days in Oregon (20 days until we move to Macedonia!) so this is my chance. I’m not one to look back but I do enjoy remembering so while I do hope you can get something from this, I am also glad that I have one day of our time in Oregon captured in detail.

Here’s what Thursday, August 21st, 2014 looked like for us:

5:15 – Ryan wakes me up right before he leaves for work. I wave at him letting him know he can stop patting my leg because I am going to get up. I immediately fall back asleep.

6:30 – I wake up and finally get out of bed at 6:50. I am pretty excited because even though Eleanor will join me soon (she shares our bed and gets up within 15 minutes of me no matter what time I get up) Edward should be asleep for at least another hour. I can read my Bible and maybe get some yoga in. Woohoo!

7:00 – Edward is awake. Blast! So basically any hope I had of productivity in the day is done. So all I got done before kids woke up was putting in contacts, pouring a cup of leftover tea and turning on the computer to start earning Swagbucks. I get Edward and he seems heavier than last night. I think he’s out to prove to me that he’s not a baby anymore. He’s all smiles, which is rare for first thing in the morning, and we head to the kitchen. I heat up my tea and Edward helps me get his kefir ready.

7:30 – Eleanor wakes up

7:32 – Edward, who has been happy for the past half-hour because big sister wasn’t around, has his first meltdown of the day.

7:34 – Edward has meltdown #2 and Eleanor has meltdown #1 – something to do with a yogurt. It’s one of those moments when I just love being a mom.

7:45 – Kids are settled down and eating on the patio just off the kitchen. Only problem is because I have to keep the door open I’m watching fruit flies swarm in. But the kids are happy so it’s worth it. I start on my breakfast, medium boiled eggs from my friend’s chickens and toast, and I finally get to drink the tea I heated up an hour ago.

8:00 – We’re all out on the patio and the kids decide they want my breakfast but I am not giving up much of my beautiful eggs! We play and snuggle in the warm yet crisp morning air. It’s lovely.


8:45 – Back inside to get ready for the day. The kids help me unload the dishwasher, I hand wash some dishes that soaked overnight, make my bed, sort laundry and get a load started, kill a bunch of fruit flies, brush teeth and get dressed. I usually wear makeup, though it’s happening less often, but I don’t today. The kids have only had minor meltdowns and I don’t want to do anything that might upset their delicate balance.

10:00 – Out the door for a walk! It’s been at least 90° by this time for most of the past month and I do not want to leave the AC when it’s that hot but today it’s around 70° so we’re going to take full advantage. On our three block walk we stop to play duck, duck goose and enjoy an obliging sprinkler.

10:45 – We get home from the walk and the kids play in the back yard. Ryan get’s home at 11:15 and we are all very, very excited. He’s harvesting pears right now so he gets home any time between 8 am and 3 pm. I like when he gets home early.

11:30 – Inside for lunch. The kids have cheese and crackers with some dried fruit and Edward has a few grape tomatoes. I know I should make a green smoothie (you know, something nutritious) but I don’t feel like it. Oh well. When they finish eating Eleanor announces they’re still hungry so I make some popcorn and we eat it on the front lawn.

12:30 – We come inside and Ryan and I talk while the kids play in the living room. I realize it’s the longest stretch of time Ryan and I have had to talk in several days. It’s nice to just catch up and the kids are having fun together.

1:00 – Ryan takes a nap and I continue watching the kids who aren’t playing as nicely now. I tell Edward to not hit Eleanor and help her to stay calm.

1:20 – That most blessed of moments: naptime. I put Edward down and Eleanor and I finish cleaning up the last few lunch dishes and we go downstairs so she can watch a movie while I do some work on the computer. Ryan’s upstairs working on internship stuff. Eleanor watches a Veggie Tales and I let her pick out another movie. Yes, I did write a whole post about ways to create a healthy amount screen time. But this is the first time I’ve let her watch two movies in one day so I’m over it. And she decided she was done watching halfway through, anyway.

4:15 – Edward wakes up and Ryan reads to and plays with both kids while I look over what he had worked on and make plans for my mom to take the kids on Friday so I can write this post! I then read to the kids for a while.

5:30 – We’re having leftover tomato and basil cream sauce and polenta for dinner. Ryan starts heating it up while I clean the living room.

6:00 – We sit down to eat but because the kids’ food was reheated first, they’re almost done eating by the time both Ryan and I are ready. So to keep the kids relatively happy and seated at the table, something that’s important to us, we give them high fives and exploding pounds in between bites. It works.

6:30 – Ryan goes outside to mow the lawn and both kids decide they want to go outside, too. So I go out with them and read The Giver (I think this is the fourth time I’ve read it) while they run around.

7:30 – Bathtime! I keep reading and enjoy that both kids are old enough for me to not give them my complete attention (don’t worry – I was in the room the whole time).

7:45 – Kids out of the tub, I put Edward in his pjs and we read a big stack of Mo Willems books.

8:00 – I put Edward in bed while Ryan gets Eleanor in her pajamas. She wants me to put her in bed (she wants mom, not dad, to do everything for her lately) so I read her one more book in bed, I sing to her and pray over her and sneak in one more chapter of The Giver as she drifts off to sleep.

8:30 – Ryan’s made a pot of tea, our nightly ritual, and he continues working on internship stuff while I blog, fold and put away laundry and do some final cleaning.

10:00 – Head to bed, hoping I’ll be able to pull myself out of bed earlier tomorrow!

While today was a fairly standard day, I wouldn’t say it was a ‘typical’ day. We usually don’t spend as much time outside (though I know we should) and we do get out most days – we had spent most of the two days before running errands and seeing people. Because Ryan was home for so much of the day I had an easier time with the kids and my stress levels didn’t reach as high as they usually do. In general I try to keep our days simple, fun and productive but it’s a balance I rarely achieve! But on the whole I like how our days go. I’m very thankful!