Easter Tips – Hot Cross Buns, Sustainable Eating And Homemade Easter Eggs

If you’re the one cooking your Easter lunch, it can be a daunting task. These tips will help to make your Easter a little more homemade, eco-friendly and will guarantee that you have a tasty meal to serve up to your guests.

12 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Church

Are you a women’s ministry leader or in charge of Mother’s Day gifts at your church or organization? This article has 12 gift ideas to help you.

St. Patrick’s Day: It’s Paddy, Not Patty!

Soon St. Patrick’s Day will be upon us and here are some helpful hints and history to get you through the day. For example it’s Paddy not Patty and how St. Patrick isn’t really Irish at all.

St Patrick’s Day – What Is It Really All About?

St. Patrick’s Day celebrations are usually based on stereotypes of green shamrocks and Irish leprechauns, but what’s the day really about? This article explores the history behind St. Patrick and dispels some of the myths surrounding the day.

Easter Flowers: Tips to Order Flowers Online

Easter eggs, clothes, bunnies, and goody baskets are all the rage during this season of the year. Certain flower species have also become ubiquitous with Easter celebrations. Unfortunately, the holiday normally comes at the onset of spring season when many flowers are yet to bloom.

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