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Midwinter Celebrations – Pagan and Christian Traditions Collide

Midwinter in the northern hemisphere has always been a time for celebration. The traditions of the period these days are a mix of pagan, Christian and secular. So whether you call it Christmas or Yule, mark the birth of Christ or the return of the sun, you will find your decorations have a multitude of meanings.

A Fairy Outfit For Grown Ups

Halloween is a time when even grown ups can have fun. A fairy costume is a popular choice, especially if the fairy is the always popular Tinkerbell.

The Best Couples Costumes For Halloween

There are a number of great costumes for couples that have been popular in recent years. Many of these costumes are classic costumes, while others, are popular because of blockbuster movies, which have been shown recently in theaters.

Costume Ideas for Couples At Halloween

If you and your partner are looking for costumes that complement each other, you may think that you are out of luck. This isn’t the case. You can easily find great couples’ costumes for Halloween.

Alice In Wonderland Costumes For Your Kids

If you aren’t creative, finding or making costumes for your kids can be very stressful. This is true, especially if you need to create a costume from scratch. If you are short on time and creativity, a store bought costume is usually the best answer to your problem.

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