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Holidays Are Alive And Well If We Just Believe

Just checking – does anyone know what Halloween, Christmas, Thanksgiving or Easter were all about? When was the last time your children laughed and planned for a holiday – not even considering if the upcoming date was “politically correct” across the globe? Did your family sit down and bring back memories of past holidays and decide what to do again or even what to add to make that date even more “memorable” or did you just “text” them instead?

“Oh Danny Boy Oh Danny Boy I Love You So,” But Not in Southie and NOT in the St Patrick’s Day Parade

Have you ever been to South Boston’s St. Patrick’s Day parade? It is at the best of times a pitiable thing, ramshackle, disorganized, still smelling of the mother load that Billy O’Sullivan barfed on Monseigneur Murray last year. Well the Southies wanted a parade that showcased their adamant (Roman Catholic) family values, their local and vocal celebration and veneration of St. Patrick, Patron Saint of Ireland, and the evacuation of the British fleet and army from Boston in 1776. They battled against the gays and lesbians marching. Gay rights organizations understandably want total equality. Read on to hear a solution to solve this conundrum.

Leather Duffel Bag for Mother’s Day

Four types of leather bags that would work for any Mom. The gym bag for the woman who likes to stay in shape. The larger duffel bag for the travelling Mother. The leather backpack for the Mom on the go or a leather laptop bag for the business lady for a sophisticated style.

Christmas Ornaments and Tips for Making Ornaments

When you open that box of Christmas tree ornaments, memories of all the delights of the season come popping out. All of your decorations, especially the handmade ones, can embody warm personal messages. Who doesn’t have a collection of special ones-your child’s hand print in plaster, a glued macaroni star, or an elegant hand-sewn Santa? Making your own ornaments gives you the pleasure of creation, lasting decorations for your tree, and treasured gifts for friends.

Easter Eggs In Unlimited Colors

Easter eggs go together with beautiful colors and safe coloring ingredients. You have the makings for all your artistic endeavors right in your kitchen pantry or freezer. All you have to add is imagination and fun.

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