Just in Time for the Holidays (Thoughts About How Our Families Communicate)

The Holidays are a time when the true diversity of our societies come home to roost. Our families have come to reflect that diversity. They bring a wide variety of communication styles and problem solving to the holiday table. Here are some thoughts on two points of the spectrum of family communication styles and how they work and don’t work when we try to get along in spite of our differences.

How to Make It Through the Holidays Without Feeling Overwhelmed

The holiday season can be very stressful. Here are 7 easy steps to make it through the holidays stress free, while still making time for yourself, family and friends.

Different Types of Christmas Trees

When searching for a Christmas tree, there are many choices. Here is a small guide to some of the more popular kinds of Christmas trees.

Plan Well Before You Go Christmas Caroling

Though we live in a high-tech world, low-tech customs, such as Christmas caroling, are still poplar. Church choirs and groups go Christmas caroling. Teenagers may get an impromptu group together and sing to neighbors. These carolers may also visit shut-ins and people in hospitals. Plan your caroling experience to get the most from it and give the most to others.

5 Popular Plants and Flowers for Christmas

Just like every year the festival of Christmas is almost here once again. And although technological advancements are changing our ways of celebrating the festival in minor and major ways every year, still some things remain consistent for every year. Two of those evergreen things are Christmas plants and flowers. Yes, they’re still used by masses in today’s modern era. In this article we take a look at 5 such Christmas plants and flowers.

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