Christmas May Be Older Than You Think

We all think we know Christmas so the information in this short article will come as a surprise to many.The fact this great feast has a far longer history than most of us suppose should have no effect on our enjoyment of the day.

What to Wear For Valentine’s Day: Cute and Romantic Ideas for Everyone

February is filled with fun events and holidays like Valentine’s Day. Although it is easy to get distracted by the over-the-top spending, Valentine’s Day is still a special day to spend with your special someone, family, and friends. Remember: this holiday is about showing your love, appreciation, and having a little fun!

7 Quick Hacks for Easy Holiday Entertaining

Don’t spend more time stressing over Christmas than enjoying the special moments. Check out these great ways to entertain while keeping the happy in your holidays.

Fortunate Friday, Our Answer to Black Friday

While so many people were looking for deals and sales on black Friday, the women in my family were enjoying a different kind of day.On the day after Thanksgiving, a day after giving thanks for what we have and spending time with the people in our lives whom we love, the idea of black Friday is not very appealing to us.

Simple Feng Shui for Holiday Harmony

Use Feng Shui even more consciously during the holidays to not only create Holiday Harmony but harmony, abundance, well-being and prosperity for the coming year ahead as well. By placing holiday decor with intention and thought, you can create a balanced and supportive environment to help you create and live a more successful life.

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