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Santa Claus, History of Christmas, and Holiday Party Invitations

Christmas Celebrations, Santa Claus, and Invitations for Parties Around the World – For centuries, Santa Claus stories have been told in all parts of the world. It is believed that the story of Santa Claus originated when a man named St. Nicholas went around giving candy and small toys to children Christmas Eve. The children would leave their shoes out on their front porch, and in the morning they would find toys and candy in their shoes. In the United States, this spirit is better known as Santa Claus, but in other countries Santa Claus has many different names associated with the stories told in each country.

Heritage Day

I must be getting old! When I am in a room full of individuals who don’t know what I mean when I say telephone party-line, I Love Lucy, or outhouse then I am reminded of the fact that I have been around for a while. This spring my thirteen year old grandson Jordan was doing a school project on immigration and because my grandfather came to Canada as an eleven-year-old orphan he phoned me for help.

Saving for the Holidays Early In the Year

Everyone wants to go on holiday at the end of the year. The reality is that not everyone can afford it at any time. There are many ways to save money so that you can go on that two week trip as long as you do some financial organising.

Labour Day – Yesterday and Today

Each year we celebrate Labour Day in a number of countries. For most of us, it is merely a long weekend that signals the end of the summer season. Its roots, however, were ones that involved struggle.

Raksha Bandhan Celebration

Rakhi is a consecrated string tied on the wrist of a sibling by a sister on the eve of Raksha Bandhan in India. Considered one of the well known celebrations in India, Raksha Bandhan is essentially a North Indian celebration that reestablishes the kin bond particularly between a sibling and a sister. Adoration is communicated by the method for tying Rakhi on a sibling’s wrist where by the sibling assumes upon the liability of his sister’s assurance. This convention has streamed through hundreds of years of traditions and customs. It is praised with parcel of soul and is not restricted to a specific state however north Indian states head the rundown of transcendence.

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