GENIUS :30 SECOND DOLLAR TREE HOME SECRETS! (you need to try in 2021!) 😱


How to Make Most of the Thanksgiving Weekend!

Thanksgiving Day is a wonderful occasion to celebrate the blessing of the harvest and moving towards a new beginning of the year. Every fourth Thursday of November is celebrated as Thanksgiving Day in the US.

Christmas Fancy Dress Fun

If there are parties you are going to over Christmas why not dress up. Christmas fancy dress can only be appropriate at one time of year. Now is your chance.

A Quick Checklist for Getting Guest-Ready for the Holidays

It’s that time of year again. The holidays are coming and with them friends and family from out of town. If you don’t have time for a deep organizational purge, here’s a quick checklist to get your home guest-ready: If they’re staying in a room that’s rarely used, don’t skimp out on changing the sheets.

Treasures of the Moment: Mindfulness and Gratitude During the Holidays

Are you able to focus on gratitude during the holidays? How can you deal with dysfunctional family members? What are the health benefits of gratitude? How can you feel more like a human being and less like a human doing?

Thanksgiving Celebration

What are your plans for the Thanksgiving holidays? Enjoy reunions with your family and friends and a great lavish elaborated meal among them. Try to avoid intoxicating drinks; you will give happiness to others, enjoy more and there will be fewer accidents and deaths on the roads.

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