Stress Test: 5 Ways to Make It Through the Holidays

When it comes to holiday stress, forewarned is forearmed. If you plan ahead to prevent stress before it begins, you have a better chance of a happy holiday. So think about potential problems and how to mitigate them.

Save Your Sanity This Holiday Season – 3 Tips for Setting Healthy Boundaries

Is a part of you dreading the holidays because you know that no matter how you slice the pie it means confronting certain members of the family you’d rather avoid all together? Here are 3 Tips for avoiding disaster, unnecessary emotional meltdowns and saving your sanity this holiday season by setting healthy boundaries.

Rangoli: Indian Floor Decorations

Beautiful and lavish holiday celebrations is something India is famous for. So many of the lavish decorations, like Rangoli, are very complex and have many levels of deep meaning.

Start A New Family Tradition With Customized Ornaments

Customized ornaments provide a person with a wonderful way to commemorate the holiday season. Those hoping to capture a bit of nostalgia of seasons past will start an ornament collection when a baby is born or when someone new marries into a…

Cycling Christmas Gift Ideas

It’s always difficult to buy gifts for the person who has everything, especially if that person is passionate about one thing in particular. If you are stuck on gift ideas for the cycling fanatic in your life, this quick gift guide may be just what you were looking for to spark your imagination and help you find the perfect Christmas present.

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