Holidays Can Be the Most Trying – New Tradition Ideas

The holidays can be a very difficult time for those who are grieving. Many bereaved have difficulty understanding and managing their grieving process. This may be because the holidays are a reminder of the people who should be at the holiday table, but are not. Their absence remains, even as the years pass. This rings true particularly if your loved one died during this season, or if this is the first season you’ll spend without them.

Beware of Holiday Identity Thieves

The arrival of the holiday season leaves open numerous opportunities for scam artists. It is because this time of year is when we are most distracted and preoccupied.

Wine, Dine, Reflect During Christmas Celebration

Christmas is around the corner. It is all about celebrating the birth of Jesus the Christ, founder of the Christian religion. But, was Jesus born on December 25?

The Merrification of Christmas

One word defines Christmas. It is the word “merry.” I never tire of wishing people a Merry Christmas. Although, for some, it may not be politically correct, but for the rest of us who have at least two gray cells working, it is wonderful. I was relaxing one afternoon this past week when the Gracious Mistress of the Parsonage approached me with a request. It is very difficult for me to deny her request, even though it goes against my current energy status. “Would you,” she said so very sweetly, “go to the mall and pick up a gift that I had ordered?”

Christmas – It Is That Time of Year Again to Reflect

All the relationships that have lasted, becoming friendships, are special. These are the people whom we resonate with, who give something special to warm our hearts and fulfil us to become even better than before we met them. The sharing, laughter and joy that we create with good happy times is something that many people never really get to appreciate or experience.

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