How to Make Your Christmas Wreath Last

Extend the life of your Christmas wreath or other evergreen decorations with these easy tips. Just a few precautions and extra steps can keep your wreath looking healthy and beautiful for the whole holiday season!

Ideas for Christmas Gift

Christmas is nearly upon us and so the search for ideas for a Christmas gift begins. Coming up with ideas for a Christmas gift can be difficult so here are a few suggestions to make your job easier.

Picking A Carvable Pumpkin!

You might be asking yourself, “Well, technically speaking, aren’t all pumpkins carvable? Well, yes, but picking a carvable pumpkin depends on the size of the figure you want to craft, the amount of mess you’re willing to put up with, and the degree of creepy craftsmanship you want to show off. Not all pumpkins are the same.

5 Ways to Give Creative Gifts at Christmas

Many of us are frustrated with the focus on consumerism and increased spending at Christmas. At the same time, we love giving gifts! Can we merge gift giving and creativity at Christmas without breaking the bank? Yes! Here are 5 ways to jumpstart ideas on creative gift giving this Christmas.

Get Ready for Your Travels This Christmas Time

Christmas gifts that are inspirational, unique and thoughtful are difficult to find. My ethos about buying gifts is never to buy a gift for the sake of it; if it’s not thoughtful, then no need to part with money. Christmas can be a particularly stressful time of year to fall into the Christmas ‘pressure’ gift trap.

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