Thanksgiving and Gratitude in Hard Times

What religion has known for millennium, science has confirmed. Numerous studies suggest that grateful people are more likely to have higher levels of happiness and sense of well-being and lower levels of stress and depression. Yet with Thanksgiving approaching, many Americans struggling with health, financial, and emotional problems find it challenging to feel grateful. Learn the steps you can take to feel gratitude.

Is Christmas Really Christmas Anymore?

Does anyone even know what Christmas is anymore? Do children see beyond the glitter, sparkle and the Christmas presents or does the latest must have gadget blur the reality of what Christmas really is?

Get Organized For the Holidays: An Organized List Of Ingredients For a Stress-Free Thanksgiving

Preparation is the key “ingredient” needed to help you stay organized & stress-free throughout the holiday season. The following is a simple guideline to help you create a memorable Thanksgiving for you and your family.

Simple Steps to Create Christmas Picture Decorations for Your Kids

Christmas pictures of family members can be really helpful in creating wonderful Yuletide decorations for your tree. Kids can actively participate in creating them. Here are some simple steps by which your kids can create beautiful ornaments.

Is Santa The Only One Who Can Pull Off Red And White?

Santa is one of the most universally-recognised images of Christmas and each year, cards, wrapping paper, gifts, confectionary, shop fronts and even clothes are adorned with images of a jolly fat man in that famous red and white suit. There is some debate over where his colourful attire originally came from and while some people believe it to be an image dreamt up by Cola advertising execs, it seems Santa’s famous suit actually dates back much further than that. While it may be iconic, it can’t be said that Santa’s outfit is particularly fashionable.

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