LED Lighting for Holiday Outdoor Decorating

LED has taken the world by storm as the top choice when it comes to outdoor decorating. Light Emitting Diode (LED) lights have pushed the traditional decorative lights out of the top shelf, and rightly so with the number of pros that come with LED.

Up the Elegance of Your Evergreen This Christmas

‘Tis the season to be merry. It’s also time to deck out your evergreen. After all, the decorations are ultimately what make a triumphant Christmas tree. Here’s how to up the elegance of your evergreen this year.

How to Successfully Pull Off a Complete Mad Hatter Halloween Costume

If you were thinking of a simple yet fun costume to wear for this coming Halloween, Why not dress like the crazy Mad Hatter. Here are some ideas that will help you pull it off successfully.

The History of the Christmas Wreath

Learn about the rich history behind one of the Christmas season’s most beloved traditions. From the very earliest symbolism to the most modern interpretation, the Christmas wreath has come a long way in its use and appearance.

Personalize Your Christmas Wreath

Looking for fun and easy ways to personalize your Christmas wreath? Look no further! Read on to learn about all kinds of ways you can decorate your holiday wreath to reflect your family’s personal style!

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