How to Turn a Staff Christmas Party Into Something Sensational

Every year we ask the same question – what are we going to do for our Christmas Party? How can we say thanks to all our valued staff by offering them something different this year – something sensational to remember.

Get Organized: 10 Steps Towards Creating An Organized Space For Overnight Guests This Holiday Season

The holiday season is almost upon us and while you are busy checking off the final tasks off your holiday list you forgot one small detail. Aunt Doris called today to remind you that she will be staying overnight for the holidays? Don’t worry, you can create an organized guest room in 10 easy steps.

Get Organized: 7 Steps For An Organized and Stress-Free Holiday Road Trip To Grandmas

The presents are packed and the children are dressed in the Sunday best as they hop in the car for a holiday road trip to Grandma’s house. Before leaving your driveway, are you fully prepared for any bumps in the road that may prevent you from arriving to Grandma’s in a timely fashion? Here are 7 steps you can take before you embark on your road trip to keep your trip organized and stress-free this holiday season.

Get Organized For the Holidays: 7 Ideas To Organize and Simplify The Greeting Card Process

When it comes to preparing your greeting cards, do you find yourself procrastinating and waiting until the last moment to complete them? I challenge you to make it a tradition to begin addressing your cards today not December 24th so that you will have one less task to worry about as the holiday draws near.

Get Organized For the Holidays: How De-Cluttering Can Help Spread Holiday Cheer To Those In Need

The holidays provide the perfect opportunity to de-clutter and clear our homes of unwanted items as a way to spread holiday cheer to those in need. I’ve made it a yearly tradition to de-clutter three appropriate categories during this time of year to keep the spirit of the season alive for my family.

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