Escaping the Hustle and Bustle of Christmas

Worried this Christmas will bring nothing but stress? Consider these stress-busting seasonal tips to ensure you enjoy yourself immensely.

Need a Last Minute Halloween Costume?

You’re freaked out when you realize it’s the very end of October and your child or children have no costumes ready! But don’t feel you have to buy some. Instead, here’s how to create a last-minute costume out of things you already own or can download.

How To Decorate Your Home For The Fall / Autumn Season Indoor And Outdoor Cheap Holiday Decorating

Pumpkins, orange leaves, Hay bales, scarecrows, and so much more come to mind when you think of Autumn, and decorating is one of the greatest parts of the changing seasons. Decorating is not only fun, but it also makes your home and yard look beautiful and festive. Everyone can enjoy the beauty of Fall decorations and creativity. I want to help, with giving you the Fall spirit and bring out the artist in you so you can begin your season transformation so lets get started and go through some decorative ideas and guides to redesigning your home so you can spruce up your place and get yourself into the…

10 Tips For An Organized and Safe Halloween

Every store is stocked with Pumpkins, Costumes and Candy which can only mean one thing. Halloween is right around the corner. The following are 10 tips to to ensure you and your family enjoy an organized fun and safe Halloween.

How To Celebrate Halloween The American Way

Halloween is not an American holiday. In fact, it’s not a holiday at all in the official sense. It’s more of a secular celebration which Americans like to have fun with that was adopted from pagan and religious observation days. Sown together over the centuries from Celtic, Christian, English and Irish traditions, today’s American Halloween is a hybrid designed to give kids a chance to dress up like their favorite fictional characters and adults a shot at revisiting their youth.

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