APRIL HOLIDAYS – Religious, Cultural and Secular

We all want our children to be well-rounded and aware of other people throughout the world. What better way to introduce your children to the variety of cultures than through Holidays and the ways in which they are celebrated. A Holiday or observance occurs in almost every month of the year throughout the world and April is no exception…

5 Family Fun Tips and Matching Mother Daughter Outfits for Easter

Easter is almost here! I have always loved Easter with my kids and would love to pass along some fun ideas that have made our Easter celebrations special and fun every year. Mother Daughter Outfits for Easter – make waking up to search for baskets super fun in matching outfits for mom and kids. Running around and enjoying each other in matching family outfits make great pictures, too. Also, try matching father and son outfits or matching clothing for the entire family to make sure everyone enjoys their special day.

Why Do We Eat Matza On Passover? A New Kabbalah

This article explores three responses to the age old question of why do we eat matza on Passover. Both traditional and contemporary answers are explored.

Tips to Dress for a No Costume Halloween Party

All Halloween parties are not costume parties. There are parties that are not meant for fancy dresses. When it comes to Halloween party people start wondering what they will wear and how they will surprise others with the most outrageous costume.

Easter Day – The Best Easter Gift To Receive And Give

What Easter gift would you love to receive on Easter day? Or what best gift would you love to give on that day? Gifts say a lot when given or received. Therefore, it is important that you make the best choice. This article tells you the perfect gift to receive and give.

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